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About Dink
City Pickleball


Dink City Pickleball was born from the idea of bringing the community together through pickleball and social activities. Our founders, Bryson Craft & Robbie Norton, started playing pickleball in 2014 when their parents lined their driveway and have been playing ever since. Unfortunately with pickleball’s recent and rapid rise in popularity, there are not enough courts for the amount of players and we wanted to change that. With our state-of-the-art courts, we strive to offer a “City” where people of all skill types and ages can enjoy the great sport of pickleball together. This is why our slogan is “Community at Play” - no memberships required and fun for all


Our Team

Dink City Pickleball is staffed with local, enthusiastic team members who LOVE pickleball! Whether it is our front desk host, our support staff, or our teaching professionals, we are here to help on your pickleball journey.
Need to contact us? Fill out a contact form, or email us directly at

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